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5   /   29   /   2024


This work, halfway between the installation and the sculptural, is based on an investigation into the climatic processes that the planet suffers due to the actions of man and from which the artist delves into the impact that this causes on nature, the development of plants and their devastating consequences for the life of the species. The central axis will be the sculpture of light, sound, and vegetation in a “natural pendulum” movement, to which will be added a series of suspended metal pieces where he combines his mastery between steel, rust, gold, and other alloys with plant compounds.

Heriberto is a three-dimensional poet, his work is of an impeccable plastic level where he combines the lyrical and the conceptual with the mastery of forms, highlighting the pattern that nature conveys to us, from the circle, the golden measure, which is common to all species and that has been universally adopted by all ancestral cultures. The Circle has been part of the unique seal of Heriberto's work, the iconography of the circle from an astronomical perspective can evoke the lunar cycles and their influence on life, the tides and the climatic cycles of the planet. There is an unequivocal seal in the work of Heriberto Nieves who is his master in composition, the transfer using chemical techniques of a plant map of the territory to integrate it into the production of his work as one more formal element that integrates with the rest of the materials. of order as different as oxides, black steel or gold. This exhibition marks a differential fact since the works have been produced in Zapadores Ciudad del Arte in record time, which confirms the capacity and mastery of the sculptor, who is already famous for his production capacity.

Heriberto Nieves has a long international career and his large-format works are located in emblematic spaces in Puerto Rico and other countries. The artist has created red waves near the beaches of Puerto Rico, impressive celestial bodies full of lyricism and mystery in France, South Korea, and China, yellow waterfalls that spring from stone mountains, secret maps full of “coins”/ “moons”. ” has decided on this occasion, for his exhibition entitled “Nous Sommes La Terre” to return to the circle. His personal stamp is the first time he has performed a solo in Spain. The museum is happy that this project fulfills the function of hosting the great masters of the visual arts while connecting them with new generations of artists. Recently, the teacher signed an agreement with the Spanish institution Arthouse Spain from his “Heriberto Nieves Foundation” to bring young Puerto Rican talents to Spain. Currently, 3 of his scholarship holders (Miguel Feliciano Barba (Feba), Andrés Meléndez, and Marcos Vicéns) are developing their projects in residence at Zapadores Ciudad del Arte in Madrid and Kárstica creation space in Cuenca.

To talk about Heriberto Nieves is to talk about one of the emblematic voices of art in the Caribbean, his large public work welcomes any visitor to the island from the airport, and the stylization of the shapes and geometries has earned him the recognition of “La Cite des Arts” in Paris, where he has been an honorary resident for more than 25 years: plastic artist and urban sculptor. Museums and international galleries in France, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, among others, have been settings where this creator has held multiple exhibitions and received great ovations. Nieves' works pay respect to the maxims of moderation and balance of classicism, which have been recognized at the Bienal del Sur in Panama (2013) as a special guest, with a gold medal at the International Art Olympics held in Beijing, China (2008). ), with a silver medal at the Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art, Italy (2005); Governor's Medal, International Sculpture Symposium, State of Trujillo, Venezuela.

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Museum of Contemporary Art,

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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Museum of the Americas

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 3.44.40 PM.png


Museum of Art

Bayamón, Puerto Rico

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Museum of  Contemporary Art,

Bogota, Colombia

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