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"Arte AL Límite" Magazine - Edition Nº100

The magazine "Arte AL Límite" specializes in contemporary art from Latin America.

I am honored to be part of the extraordinary artists to be featured in the Milestone celebration of one hundred editions of excelent art features. -Heriberto Nieves, artist

Arte Al Limite (AAL) was born in 2001 with the mission of promoting Latin American art and becoming a bridge between different artists and the global public. Today, twenty-one years after its foundation, AAL has managed to position itself as the main medium specializing in Chilean art and quickly become one of the most internationally recognized art magazines for Latin American art.

Can't wait to see what Nº100 has to offer. Expectations have been set very high with all the previous editions, so well curated. Looking forward to it. - Ely Reyes, art dealer

We remember Edition Nº 84, where Heriberto Nieves was featured in a great editorial titled "Art as a witness of time" p. 80-86. Press the image below to read it.

Link to Editorial Nº 84

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