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Honored to be in the cover of former governor, Hon. Sila M.Calderon's Foundation Book

Heriberto Nieves - It is with great honor and humbleness that I take this opportunity to thank and recognize the work of former Governor of Puerto Rico, Hon. Sila María Calderón in the project Public Art. -- An initiative to beautify the plazas of all Puerto Rican towns bringing art out of the museums and out to the public --.

I was selected as one of many great local artists, but had the grand honor to be selected to install my artwork, in the plaza of the capital municipal tower of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

As a continues surprise, the former governor launch her book "De vuelta a la Ciudad - San Juan de Puerto Rico 1997-2001" where the iconic sculpture "Lunas de San Juan" is showcased with the municipal building as backdrop.

This book is a tour of the municipal management that takes place from 1997 to 2001, in the city of San Juan, which exhibited limitations, ingenuity and unforeseen events, but also showed a sense of time, efficiency and taste for the ways and practices of creating a city.

You can acquire this book and others in the Sila M Calderon Foundation, a Center for Puerto Rico. The vision of this institution is to achieve a more just and productive society in Puerto Rico, and to fight against poverty and inequality, providing the residents of the most vulnerable communities with the resources for their development and sustainability. It also seeks to promote urban revitalization, strengthen ethical values, and social responsibility.

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